Decorative Papers

It is the most common decorative coating material used in today’s World Furniture industry. With rotogravure machines, unlimited colors and patterns are printed with water-based inks (Plain, Wood, Stone, Fancy etc.) The printed papers are subsequently subjected to a process called melamine impregnation. The papers are made ready for lamination by impregnating them with thermo-reactive resins. It is laminated to wood or other kinds of papers (Kraft, parchment, etc.) with high-pressure & low pressure and high-temperature presses.
Turkuaz Decor produces both Raw and Impregnated decor paper. Raw decor paper width is from 930 mm to 2100 mm and impregnated paper width can be maximum 1850 mm. You can examine our new and current patterns in the decor section.

Furniture panel surfacing (MDFLAM and CHIPBOARD,)
Door Panels
Laminate flooring
CPL / HPL Decor