We turn the visible into reality

We offer you the materials we need in all processes of our lives, with the most realistic optical and physical themes. We show maximum options with our advanced facilities.

Turkuaz Decor prioritizes basic elements such as design, quality, durability, scratch resistance and colorfastness, which it pays particular attention to, in all of its product groups, with its R&D and laboratory controls.

Our aim is to provide advantages to you, our esteemed business partners, both in the industry of semi-finished products such as chipboard, MDFlam, HPL/CPL, and in original manufacturing such as all kinds of furniture, doors, various coatings, parquet floors, interior decoration and living spaces.

Let's share our thoughts

We tried to be unlimited in the products we developed and produced and printed. We aimed to be a solution partner in our collaborations.

In our Decors, which are the cornerstones of our product items, we show many patterns under different groups such as Woods, Fantasy, Stones and Solid colors.

Thanks to our graphics and cliché departments, we would be happy to do the works that you could not find in our presentations for you.