Painted Embossed PP

What is it?
PP foils are made of modified polypropilene – a specially formulated thermoplastic material with high level of printability, paintability, durability, flexibility, technical/impact and chemical resistance.
Application Areas:
Main application areas vary depending on type of surface, thickness and finishing. The application ranges from door skins to inner parts of furniture drawers. For example, door skins, door frames, kitchen door surfaces, kitchen drawers and cupboards, furniture drawers and compartments, etc.
Major Benefits:
Turkuaz Décor’s PP foils are:
Environmentally friendly;
Have high chemical resistance to all major household cleaning materials;
Thermo formable;
Scratch resistant;
Abrasion resistant;
Water and vapor resistant;
Safe for human health as it does not contain Formaldehyde and heavy metals.

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