Touch And Feel The Nature.

Finish Foils “Touch. Feel. Love.” series.
Turkuaz Décor uses pre-impregnated base paper, supplied from Germany, for this type of finish foils.
what makes these finish foils special is the surface that imitates the real wood pores when touching the surface. Can be applied on all colours and designs.

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Technical Specifications of “Touch. Feel. Love.” series of Finish Foils:
Weight: 60-80 gr/m2
Width: 1250-2250 mm
Areas of Use.

Wide range of furniture manufacturing;
Home and Office internal and external designs;
Decorative laminates;
MDF panels, HDF panels, plywood, OSB;
Skirting and profile wrappings;
Wall panels;
Door skins, door frames and skirtings;
Any wood surface suitable for covering with such type of foil.

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