High Gloss PET

PET Decorative foils. 
Glossy facades underline exclusiveness of the interior, by light reflection they breath life to minimalist designs and fill the space with modern shapes and fashionable accents.
Glossy surfaces are the concept of stylish space and are actual trend in the world of interior design.
What is it?
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) foil, is a foil that is different from currently available PVC foils.
It has many advantages such as eco-friendliness, toxic gas safety in case of fire, and ability to melting rather than catching fire.
Application areas.
Thanks to its glossy appearance, PETG can be used as alternative to glossy PVC. So, every application where glossy PVC is used can be replaced by glossy PETG.
As with PVC, the base can be MDF, cheap board or plastic. PETG has a high thermo forming characteristic, thus requiress less energy when compared to PVC.
Most common application areas are kitchens with kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet drawers taking up the largest proportion of application areas.
These are followed by bedrooms and living rooms.

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Major benefits:
is tougher than PVC and general purpose acrilyc and provides years of trouble free functionality;
Has longer life span;
Has longer colour stedfastness;
Has higher gloss measure;
Stronger weather resistance;
Stronger resistance to chemicals;
Complies with FDA Regulations for food contact.
Easy maintenance.
Remove Scratches from Surface with a simple pass of a heatgun.
A layer of ultraviolet absorbant can be added if required to protect from the harmful effects of UV light.
Technical characteristics:
Thickness 0.3mm ~0.9mm (300-900 micron)
Width 1300mm ~1420mm
Available range of colours (always in stock): white, black, purple, cappuccino, red, dark turquise, cream. Other colours can be produced as per customer demand and sample provided.
İf you are already using PVC, you do not need to change your equipmnt and use PETG on the same machie as PVC. You only need to reduce the temperature.

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